Famous Chefs to Attend Korean Temple Event


OTTAWA — Ji-Young Kim, head chef of Balwoo Gongyang — a Michelin one-star restaurant in Korea — will host a lecture introducing the nuances of Korean vegetarian cuisine in Ottawa.

The lecture will be one of many events to celebrate the 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Canada and Korea. Hosted by the Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism and the Korean Cultural Center, the special event will take place at the Canadian Museum of History from September 12 to 14 and focus on traditional culture and healthy food.

“We see growing environmental pollution and health problems caused by meat-eating culture. We will promote the temple food as eco-friendly vegetarian food,” says Ven. Wonkyeong, director of the Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism.

On September 12, a dinner party will showcase food monks typically eat, including Korean mint (bang-a), Korean pepper leaves (jaepi) and seaweed; pickled green plums; pickled cherry tomatoes with fermented pine needle and green-plum syrup; Napa cabbage kimchi made with persimmon; and cucumber white kimchi.

On September 13, the temple-food tasting event will feature a meal made of mushrooms, potatoes, cabbages, coriander, mung-bean jelly, sesame leaves, burdocks and lotus leaves.

The final day will feature the lecture and demonstration led by chef Kim at the multi-purpose hall of the Korean Cultural Center Canada. During the lecture, she will demonstrate how to make yeonnipbap (steamed rice wrapped in a lotus leaf), temple-style Korean cabbage kimchi and melon kimchi.

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