Farmers Protest Dumping of Asphalt on Prime Farmland


RICHMOND, B.C. — Angry Richmond, B.C., farmers took to the street with their trackers Thursday, driving to city hall to protest the dumping of asphalt on a Finn Road farm in Richmond, B.C.

The farmer’s are concerned about how the asphalt will affect the fertility of prime farmland, but Mayor Malcolm Brodie said it’s beyond his control. “I feel your frustration, but we have no jurisdiction to deal with this.It’s in the hands of the Agricultural Land Commission,” he is quoted as saying about the issue by Vancouver’s Province newspaper.

Bill Jones, a leaseholder of the farm in question, is reportedly preparing to build a road and tree nursery and says he has approval from the Agricultural Land Commission for the project. “What we’re doing is totally legal, according to the Agricultural Land Commission who monitors the site routinely,” he is quoted as saying by the

In the meantime, Mayor Brodie has asked the Agricultural Land Commission to cease work at the farm pending further investigation.

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