Farmers: Wheat Board Report Falls Short


WINNIPEG — The National Farmers Union (NFU) is concerned the recent government report about the future of grain marketing in Canada is missing key information, according to The Canadian Press.

The report, completed by a working group formed by Agricultural Minister Gerry Ritz, says the opportunities of ending the Canadian Wheat Board’s marketing monopoly are greater than the challenges.

Farmers argue, that while the report identifies some of the problems, it doesn’t propose any solutions. More specifically, the NFU is concerned with how producer lines and short lines will be kept afloat and how to maintain funding for grains-related institutes.

Meanwhile, Ritz is confident ending the Board monopoly will work. “Farmers have the skills and knowledge to adapt and adjust to selling their wheat and barley on the open market, in the same way they are succeeding with other crops,” he is quoted as saying by CP.

The report recommends farmers prepare for the upcoming changes.

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