Federal Government Releases Proposed Rules for Cannabis Edibles


TORONTO — The federal government has announced proposed rules on the production and sale of cannabis edibles, according to CBC.ca. Edibles are expected to be on the legal market by October 17, 2019 and could be a huge boon to the restaurant industry.

“We welcome edibles as an option for those in the hospitality industry that see opportunities under regulations to support business growth,” says Tony Elenis, president of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association. “There’s an opportunity here for many to boost their revenues… It’s for an operator to decide.”

The proposed regulations cover extracts and products that can be topically applied to skin, hair and nails. The rules also propose limiting the amount of THC — the psychoactive component in cannabis — in individual packages or servings and CBD, or​ cannabidiol — the other primary cannabis compound.

Edibles packaging must display nutritional information, including ingredients and a best-before date. In addition, the use of meat such as poultry and fish is banned unless it’s dried by someone authorized under provincial and territorial law. Edibles must also have an expiration date and the use of caffeine has been prohibited as an additive.

Health Canada has launched a two month public-consultation period on the rules for pot-infused food and drinks and will hold roundtable discussions in provinces across the country.

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