Federal Government Temporarily Expands Access to Local-Lockdown Program and Worker Lockdown Benefit


OTTAWA — The federal government has temporarily expanded access to the Local-Lockdown Program and Worker Lockdown Benefit in response to demands from Restaurants Canada and other foodservice-and-hospitality industry organizations.

Using regulatory authority provided in Bill C-2, the government intends to introduce new regulations that would lower the current-month revenue threshold for the Local-Lockdown Program from 40 per cent to 25 per cent and include employers subject to capacity-limiting restrictions of 50 per cent or more. Eligible employers will receive wage and rent subsidies from 25 per cent up to a maximum of 75 per cent, depending on their revenue loss. This measure will be in place until Feb. 12, 2022.

Additionally, the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit will include workers in regions where provincial or territorial governments have introduced capacity-limiting restrictions of 50 per cent or more. This benefit will provide $300 a week in income support to eligible workers who are directly affected by a COVID-19-related public-health lockdown, resulting in a 50 per cent or more income loss. 

“The Omicron variant is a real and serious threat to the health and safety of Canadians and the capacity of our healthcare system,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland at a press conference Wednesday. “In light of the public-health situation and new restrictions in a number of provinces, we are temporarily expanding eligibility for key support measures offered for workers and businesses. The federal government will continue to help Canadians through the pandemic and ensure Canada’s economic recovery leaves no one behind.”

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