Feds To Cut Food Safety Programs?


OTTAWA — Amidst the largest food recalls in Canadian history, the government has reportedly released a report slashing food-safety funding for the next fiscal year, reports Postmedia News.

According to the news agency, an analysis of the federal spending released by the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer, notes “food safety and biosecurity risk-management systems” at the Agriculture Department dropped 27 per cent lower in 2012-12 versus the previous fiscal year.

However, the office of the Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz is claiming otherwise. “Contrary to what some have asserted, we have made significant investments in food safety. There has been no cut,” Pierre Lemieux, the parliamentary secretary to Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, was quoted as saying by PostMedia.

Officials with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have not yet commented on the report or the alleged spending cuts.

For more on reported cut to food-safety spending, visit TheProvince.com.

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