Feeling Blue


ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — The slow start to summer is affecting more than B.C. residents’ moods, as news comes that the province’s lucrative blueberry season is off to a slow start.

The wet, cold weather has kept the bees at bay, putting a halt on pollination of the blueberry bushes, which are not bursting in an abundance of blue. “If we don’st get the flying days for the bees, then there’sll be less pollination and there will be smaller and fewer blueberries,” Kerry Seale, an Abbotsford farmer told CBC News. “The more time the bee touches the flower, the bigger the blueberries get.”

The crop is about three weeks behind, but it can be salvaged if the temperature spikes between now and mid-June.

According to the CBC, B.C. farmers grow about 95 per cent of Canada’s high-bush blueberries.

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