Female Toques Step Up


VANCOUVER — While professional kitchens are rarely helmed by female chefs, some industry insiders think that will — and should — change, according to Mia Stainsby’s recent Vancouver Sun story.

Vancouver is already leading the charge with restos such as Raincity Grill, Fish House in Stanley Park, Vij’s and Rangoli all boasting female chefs. Rob Clark, owner of C, Raincity Grill and Nu, told the Sun women have a knack for the job. “Every female chef I’ve known is very, very talented,” he told the newspaper. “They could not be stopped despite the obstacles. They beat the odds and that, I guess, is the summary of reality.”

While women have made a place for themselves in the kitchen, some believe the long hours and crude environment sometimes associated with working with male chefs alienates aspiring female toques.

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