First Organic-certified Restaurant Opens Its Doors in the U.S.


PLEASTON, Calif. — The first USDA-certified organic fast-food restaurant has opened its doors, reports The Organic Coup opened its first location in California this past Tuesday, serving a 95-per-cent organic menu.

“We were always on the go and usually the best choice we had for food was Chipotle,” Erica Welton, founder, told “They’ve done a really great job on the non-GMO front but somebody needed to take it all the way.”

The fried chicken restaurant offers organic chicken breast fried in Nutiva coconut oil. Menu items include a spicy chicken sandwich with a spicy slaw on a toasted organic artisan bun or a tortilla wrap (US$8.99), or a fried chicken breast on a bed of organic spicy shredded veggies (US$8.99). Sides include organic popcorn covered in caramel and chocolate.

The Organic Coup expansion plans include 25 stores opening throughout California next year, with a focus on Denver, Seattle, Portland and Manhattan in the future. []

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