Flat Levels the Dining Floor for Restaurants, Hotels and Bars in the U.S.


CHICAGO – Coasters, matchbooks, wads of napkins and other makeshift solutions for the age-old problem of wobbly restaurant tables were today asked to clock out and collect their final paychecks. FLAT Tech Inc., inventors and manufacturers of the world’s only table bases that automatically stabilize tabletops and enable leveling with other tabletops announced its official launch into the U.S. hospitality market.

FLAT’s technology addresses a problem that frustrates patrons and further reduces tight margins for operators. In a 2013 YouGov survey, more than half (56 percent) of the 1,093 respondents said a wobbly table would cause them to reconsider a return visit to an establishment.  

FLAT table bases solve two common problems for operators:

  • The wobbly table – floors in restaurants and bars are rarely level, which leads to wobbly tables. FLAT eliminates the wobble.
  • Table misalignment – it is very common in restaurants and bars to push two tables together to accommodate larger groups. FLAT ensures that the joined table edges align at the same height, eliminating the uneven gap that frustrates patrons and operators.

Foodservice operators can see a demonstration of the FLAT table base at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCAjJ8Xn5sg

The loss of return visitors is not the only cost linked to wobbly tables. In a return on investment (ROI) calculator on its site, FLAT enables operators to explore the cost benefits for their specific establishments such as:

  • Reduced labor costs. Time spent stabilizing and re-stabilizing tables can be used more profitably.
  • Increased flexibility. FLAT’s unique leveling ability enables operators to use more small tables and configure them as needed for larger groups and catered events.
  • Increased sales. Operators can make full use of their space, accommodating more customers.
  • Improved reputation. Sixty-eight percent of respondents to the YouGov survey agreed that experiencing a wobbly table leaves them with a negative impression of an establishment.

Operators can access the ROI calculator at https://www.flattech.com/Calculator.

“I have worked in everything from five-star, five-diamond resort F&B to fast casual dining. In all my years and varying experiences one thing has been a constant: wobbly tables,” said Daniel Goodman, GM and partner at Tête Charcuterie in Chicago. “When we first installed FLAT table bases at Country BBQ in Chicago, our set up time decreased, we were able to use the space more efficiently and customers stopped complaining about their tables.“

“Now I’m opening Tête Charcuterie, my first restaurant,” Goodman added. “We are using FLAT table bases there, and I know that no matter what concept or city I open up in the future, my table bases will always be FLAT.”

FLAT table bases achieve their level and alignment capabilities through an award-winning hydraulic system. The patented system underpins a range of table base options including round, square and x-shaped bases, cast iron, polished aluminum and stainless steel finishes, and standard and bar heights.

FLAT bases are available nationally through https://www.flattech.com and in select areas through dealers. The company’s website can direct customers to a nearby dealer or accommodate their orders directly. Dealers interested in representing the FLAT brand can reach the company at https://www.flattech.com/Become-A-Reseller. Customers and dealers can also reach the company toll-free at 1-855-999-3528.

“There are two major problems with tables used in hospitality: stability and alignment,” commented Mike Drake, President of FLAT Tech Inc. “FLAT is the only product that solves both of these problems with an elegant, innovative solution. We believe it will become the new standard in table bases and we’re eager to solve this problem for operators in the U.S.”

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