Food for Thought


STRATFORD, Ont. – The prospects for food writers in Canada were recently improved, as six major Canadian publishers have contributed both cash and books in support of the Stratford Chefs School’s Joseph Hoare Gastronomic writer-in-residence program.  

This announcement is being seen as another building block towards a more mature culinary voice on the global scene. “The line between excellent food writing and, specifically, Canadian-authored food writing is blurring, to the point where Canadian publishers need not qualify the author as Canadian. Thanks to the support of the Canadian publishing community, Canadian authors who write about food do so on an international stage not just Canadian, no qualifier needed,” says Alison Fryer of The Cookbook Store, Toronto, and member of the Gastronomic writer-in-residence organizing committee.

Recently published Stratford Chefs School grads such as Heidi Noble (Menus from the Orchard), Jeff Crump (Earth to Table), Erin Turke (Sourdough: A Recipe for Life) and Victoria Allman (Sea Fare) are products of both the culinary and literary education at the Stratford Chefs School, one which encompasses excellence in cooking techniques alongside an immersion in culinary history and gastronomic literature. Students at the school benefit from the activities of the Gastronomic writer-in-residence program by engaging with leading food writers during their two-week residency in Stratford. Writers such as James Chatto and Corby Kummer have previously held the post, and author Michael Symons is set to step into the role this year.


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