Food Prices to Show More Modest Increases


GUELPH, Ont. — Canadian food prices are expected to increase marginally next year, at no more than two per cent on average, according to a “2012 Food Price Index Forecast” authored by two University of Guelph professors.

The economists predict slightly inflated prices for meat (three per cent), fresh vegetables (one to three per cent), baked goods (three per cent) and restaurant meals (two per cent).

“The last few years have been challenging for Canadians with less means,” said Sylvain Charlebois, associate dean of Research and Graduate Studies at U of G, who co-authored the report with Francis Tapon, a U of G economics professor.

This is in sharp contrast with 2011, which saw notable price increases in dairy and eggs (11 per cent); fresh vegetables (10 per cent), baked goods (seven per cent), fresh fruit (six per cent) and meat (five per cent).

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