Foodservice Operators to Face Three Dairy-related Challenges


OTTAWA — Foodservice operators are facing three new challenges with regard to their dairy needs.

Firstly, on Feb.1 the Canadian Dairy Commission is increasing dairy prices by one per cent.

What’s more, as of Nov. 29 a ways-and-means motion closed a loophole changing the definition of “food preparation;” prior to the change Canadian foodservice operators could import low-cost U.S. mozzarella and avoid the 245.5 per cent tariff.

Lastly, Canadian Dairy farmers are worried that a recently negotiated free-trade deal that will give European cheese producers greater access to the Canadian market could result in lower domestic sales.

“We’re a $69-billion industry … We employ 1.1 million — five times more than the auto sector and much more than agriculture, mining, fisheries and forestry combined. And, we keep getting hammered. It’s frustrating,” Garth Whyte, president and CEO of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, is quoted as saying by The Globe and Mail.

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