Foodservice Trend Report 2012


As we jump head-first into a new year, it’s the perfect time to take pause and consider the trends driving change in an industry constantly re-inventing itself to stay current.

This year, in F&H’s annual Trend Report, 15 operators, representing a range of industry segments — from quick-service to fine-dining and catering — discuss the trends driving growth in the areas of food, technology, operations, social media and greening. Michael Bonacini, partner, of Toronto-based Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, discusses the feasibility of local food; Warren Erhart, president and CEO of the Vancouver-based White Spot Restaurants delves into the growing appeal of food trucks; and Jay Gould, president of the Toronto-based South St. Burger Co. and New York Fries, gets honest about greening and take-out packaging.

Foodservice Food Trends

Foodservice Technology Trends

Foodservice Operations Trends

Foodservice Trends in Social Media

Foodservice Trends in Greening

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