Foodstock Raises $180K


TORONTO — Chef Michael Stadtländer and his team have recovered from Foodstock and are estimating $180,000 was raised at the pay-what-you-can event organized to fund the legal team fighting excavation of a mega quarry on prime farmland in Honeywood, Ont.

“[It] might have been the biggest food-related protest in history, certainly in Canada anyway,” the chef told, of the event that attracted close to 30,000 from as far away as British Columbia and the U.S.

And, while the amount of food cooked or consumed during the weekend is tricky to gauge, Stadtländer estimates the 100 chefs at the event, “would have prepared about 1,500 portions of food for their grazing station in the woods.”

Aside from raising funds, the event also succeeded in raising social awareness about the proposed quarry. “I’ve received about 2,000 emails from people thanking me for putting on the event,” said the chef and organizer.

Clearly inspired by the turnout, Stadtländer contends Foodstock may become an annual event to encourage social involvement. What’s more, he hinted that a larger event may be in the works for next spring.

Photo by Adrian Bell

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