Foodtastic Continues Expansion Strategy


MONTREAL — Foodtastic Inc. is continuing its growth strategy with the acquisition of L’Gros Luxe and Rotisserie de Joliette, as well as its expansion into the Toronto restaurant market with the opening of its newest Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery.

“L’Gros Luxe is a great local Quebec brand and we are excited to welcome it into the Foodtastic family,” says Peter Mammas, president and Chief Executive Officer of Foodtastic. “We’re happy to be able to help this great concept through this difficult time, which has affected many restaurants and brands. Our mission is to help the existing franchisees, through our marketing, operations and buying power. L’Gros Luxe is the perfect conversion concept for many restaurants and we’re already looking at several opportunities in the greater Montreal area, as well as re-opening several locations that closed due to COVID-19. This acquisition of a homegrown Quebec business is consistent with our strategy of acquiring quality brands with growth potential that complement our existing brand portfolio.”

Alex Bastide, the creator of L’Gros Luxe, will retain an equity stake in the concept.

Foodtastic has also acquired Rotisserie Joliette, the first rotisserie founded in 1960 by the Benny family.

“The family continued its expansion throughout the province with the Au Coq and Rotisserie Benny brands, both of which are part of the Foodtastic family,” adds Mammas.

Foodtastic has opened six new restaurants over the last few weeks, creating more than 200 jobs in Quebec City, Montréal, Gatineau and Toronto. The company will open four additional restaurants in September.

“We’re very pleased with the work our entire team has done which has allowed us to continue with the opening of new locations,” says Mammas. “Currently, we’re focused on growing our Rotisserie Benny and Au Coq brands and will move forward with the opening of 12 new locations over the next year. We realise the next several months will be a challenge for our dining-room concepts, but believe with the continued help from the government, landlords and suppliers we’ll be able to support our franchisees through these difficult times.”

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