Freshii CEO Offers Deal to Struggling Froyo Shop and Juice Bar Franchisees


TORONTO — Freshii founder and CEO, Matthew Corrin’s new initiative, From Froyo to Freshii, aims to save current franchisees at risk of losing their business to the decline in demand for dedicated frozen yogurt and fresh-pressed juice shops, while growing his own Freshii brand in the process.

In his manifesto to franchisees across the globe, Corrin offers a deal to qualifying applicants by waiving his franchise fee for a short time. “The challenge you face is real. Industry leaders admit froyo revenues are declining. Juice bars have been closing all over… I challenge you to make your restaurant relevant again. My offer is real, and it’s win-win. The time to act is now — before your froyo or juice business goes out of business,” says Corrin.

To further aid current franchisees in their potential conversion process, Freshii will also arrange a free consultation with its New York franchise attorney to help those who are currently bound by a froyo/juice franchise concept.

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