Freshii Founder Releases New Open Letter to Subway


CHICAGO — Freshii founder and CEO, Matthew Corrin, has published another open letter to Subway.

“We have a sincere proposal to help Subway appeal to the next generation of fresh food lovers and your franchise partners globally,” Corrin says in his letter, which urges Subway to allow franchisees to convert to Freshii locations rather than risk additional location closures in 2018, citing news reports that Subway closed 900 restaurants in 2017. “This will allow Freshii and Subway to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome,” he continues.

The letter also quotes Subway’s late founder and CEO, Fred DeLuca, noting how businesses are in “a constant race against the ever-improving marketplace,” as well as the appreciation DeLuca had for Freshii’s “creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Corrin’s Dear Subway letter is available here.

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