Freshii Launches New Limited-Edition Summer Smoothie


TORONTO — Freshii has added a new limited-edition smoothie flavour to its summer menu, inspired by the company’s Energii Bites — a snack made of peanut butter, chocolate, rolled oats, honey and coconut.

“Listening to feedback, it was clear that Freshii guests love our Energii Bites and there was an opportunity to do more,” says Katie Rosenberg, director of Menu Innovation at Freshii. “When it came time to introduce a new summer smoothie, we wanted to have the flavours that made our Energii Bite so successful offered in a smoothie form. Our early customer tests resoundingly indicate that we were able to accomplish exactly that.”

The Energii Bite Smoothie features a coconut-milk base blended with ice, banana and a whole Energii Bite.

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