Freshslice Joins Growing List in Boycotting Facebook


VANCOUVER — Vancouver-based pizza-by-the-slice chain, Freshslice Pizza, is joining a growing list of top international and Canadian brands vowing to boycott paid advertising on any Facebook Inc. platform going forward because of the company’s refusal to address the spread of hateful content on its social-media platforms.

“We agree with the positions expressed by the Stop-Hate-for-Profit movement boycott,” says Ray Russel, CEO, Freshslice. “We will not return to spending any advertising dollars on Facebook and Instagram until we see some significant progress, as we and our franchise partners believe Facebook has not done enough to keep racist, false and dangerous content off its platforms.”

“We know 99 per cent of Facebook’s $70-billion comes from advertising revenue,” says Tom Horler, VP of Marketing, Freshslice. “We just cannot, in good conscience, support them unless they start to act more responsibly. One of our fundamental business practices is promoting healthy communities through our charitable foundation, Freshslice Cares. Consequently, our choice in advertising media has to reflect this practice.”

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