From Fish to Philanthropy


CALGARY — In celebration of 25 years of serving seafood, from Cranbrook to Cornwall, Joey’s Restaurants is giving eligible Canadian residents a chance to submit a community project or idea for a $25,000 cash prize.

The first step is to find a project that could help revive a community, group, facility or charity and have a lasting benefit on others. Next, the nominee must give their permission for a nomination, a short YouTube-type video should be prepared and a short story, about why the project in question should win, must be submitted with some photos.

“We want to celebrate our 25th year by giving back to the people in the towns and cities that have supported us and contributed to Joey’s success. Reviving a Canadian community is a great way to show our appreciation and to make a difference in a meaningful way,” says Joey’s founder, Joe Klassen.

During the past 10 years Joey’s has given nearly one million dollars to charity. “Our Community Revival Project is the first time we’sve invited Canadians to tell us where to designate our financial support. We strongly believe in giving back but, this time, people can truly mobilize their communities to improve, renovate or financially support a local initiative. I can also imagine everyone having a lot of fun putting their application together,” he adds.

All entries must be received by Oct. 31, with an online vote taking place between Nov. 1 and 30.

For more details, including an information package and application form, click here.


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