From the Editor: Hitting The Mark


When it comes to producing a national magazine, feedback is always crucial. After all, how do we know we’re doing a great job if no one tells us? Sure, our talented team of writers and editors can generate myriad story ideas based on marketplace news and trends, but there can be a disconnect between what we think readers want and what they actually need. At the end of the day, how do we really know we’re hitting the mark? That’s usually where readership surveys come in. Every few years, we commission a research company to survey readers to find out what they think about our magazine. But, above and beyond that, direct reader interaction is always best. And that usually comes in the form of letters to the editor, via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and through personal interaction with readers at industry events and meetings. But, at Kostuch Media, we’re also fortunate to engage our readership through another tool: our Editorial Advisory Board (EAB).

For more than 40 years, Foodservice and Hospitality has prided itself in keeping connected to a strong group of industry-leading advisors. We’ve typically made use of the Board to connect to our evolving readership. Since the EAB is reflective of the industry it serves, representing various segments (chains, independents and the supply chain), it provides us with a wonderful resource to cull from for story ideas, marketplace know-how and as a sounding board for new company initiatives. Occasionally, members of our EAB write columns, lending their knowledge and expertise; sometimes they share contacts to make our stories stronger and more relevant, and other times they lead us in new and interesting directions. Either way, it’s a winning collaboration that only makes the end result stronger, ultimately benefiting the reader.

We’re proud of our affiliation with the industry’s best, and we’re happy to announce we’ve recently added several members to our Board, strengthening what was already a solid group. Last month, F&H featured a double-page spread (see September issue, p. 26), highlighting our updated EAB. For those who may have missed the issue, visit for a snapshot or take a look at our masthead (see p. 3) to glean the Board’s composition. Undoubtedly, you’ll agree we have the foundation of a great group of industry leaders, one that can only make our publication stronger. As a group, we meet twice a year for in-depth discussions about how to improve the magazine. We brainstorm on story ideas to focus our efforts and determine how best to reach our potential. Beyond that, the Board acts as ambassadors of our publication, keeping us connected to you, our reader, to ensure we never rest on our laurels. We look forward to working closely with the Board so we can best serve your needs — today and beyond.

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