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Whose life hasn’t been impacted by the ubiquitous flow of technology? Certainly, its rise has changed our day-to-day living in ways never before imagined. It has opened new vistas of learning, offered incredible opportunities for change and made our lives inexorably fast paced. Good or bad, we can’t go back. Imagine a world without the Internet, mobile phones and tablets — not to mention those killer apps? It’s hard to fathom what our world will look like five years from now.  

Still, as we soldier through this ongoing digital revolution, ambushed by daily advances, it’s hard to keep up. Just as we think we’ve managed one advance, along comes another and we’re right back at the beginning, working to conquer and make sense of the changes. As a result, we’ve become frenetic in our approach, flitting from one development to another, not wanting to risk being left behind. But do we necessarily always fully understand the implications of our actions and behaviour? As an example, while we’re captivated by the buzz of social media, how do we know we’re using it effectively? Perhaps we’re driven by the need to be part of the hype as well as the need to eclipse the competition. But as branding and advertising specialist Wayne Roberts tells us in this month’s social media story, we don’t necessarily have to embrace every technology.

While we’re captivated by the buzz of social media, how do we know we’re using it effectively?

As the world spins increasingly faster, and technology continues to enslave us, we need to do a better job of understanding its benefits and its limitations. This month’s technology cover story aims to do just that, synthesizing the barrage of information into a list of important foodservice tech trends. Certainly, technology is forcing operators to become increasingly efficient; it’s also facilitating quicker turnaround and better service. Customers are the beneficiaries — with enhanced platforms and options for ordering and paying. And, as an added bonus, more operators are opting to store data in the clouds, so to speak. In short order, we’ll be able to look forward to a day when mobile phones can activate food orders, pay bills and unlock hotel room locks. A world of new opportunities beckons.  

In short order, we’ll be able to look forward to a day when mobile phones can activate food orders, pay bills and unlock hotel room locks.

In the publishing business, the changes are equally astounding. For almost two decades now, consumers have been surfing the web. But, these days, we’re able to do that and so much more, including reading magazines on mobile phones and tablets. On that note, Kostuch Media Ltd. is thrilled to announce it is one of the first business magazines to introduce two new apps, one for F&H and one for Hotelier readers. This comes as the number of subscribers to our digital issues continues to increase significantly. Now iPad users can tap into our magazine 24/7, using a new platform to gather information in a format that’s user friendly, convenient, linkable to different options — and über cool, too. It’s the latest in a series of new initiatives KML has introduced in the past year, and it heralds a new and exciting era for publishing. Undoubtedly it won’t be the last tech development we’ll be introducing. Stay tuned. 

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