Fry Focus


Beloved by Canadians of all ages, the ubiquitous French fry has been a constant side dish since the early 1900s. Technomic’s Take-Out and Off-Premise Consumer Trends Reports shows 61 per cent of Canadians would order French fries for carry-out or drive-thru, while 32 per cent would order poutine for delivery. One thing is certain, with countless ways to flavour, top and dip fries, it’s be easy and fun for operators to innovate in this area.

Korean ingredients such as kimchi have become a popular French-fry accompaniment. Combined with crisp bacon, scallions and garlic mayonnaise, kimchi fries are a delicious way to incorporate some global flair to menu items. Alternately, shake fries are popular throughout the world and offer a multitude of flavour combination options — try a togarashi and dried-seaweed spice blend or a Middle-Eastern dukkah and sea-salt combination to get diners shaking.

Classic poutine will always hold a special place in the hearts of Canadian diners and while there are many spins on poutine styles (including Thanksgiving dinner or butter chicken), it’s always a safe bet to simply do the classic crisp fry, deeply flavoured gravy and squeaky cheese curd combination well. The addition of SureCrisp fries to any fry-based side will guarantee a quality menu item, perfect for dining in, delivery or carry-out.

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