Fully Automated Fast-food Restaurant Opens


SAN FRANCISCO — Eatsa, a fully automated restaurant serving personalized quinoa bowls, has opened today in San Francisco.

“Eatsa is reinventing fast-food by combining the speed and affordability of fast-food with the delicious flavours and nutritious ingredients of premium fast-casual,” said Tim Young, co-founder, Eatsa. “By developing new technology to automate every aspect of the food experience, we are able to deliver a product with the best qualities of premium fast-casual at a price point that is accessible to everyone.”

Eatsa features a virtual cashier, with all meal ordering done via in-store iPad. When the meal is ready, it appears in small glass compartments for the customer to pick up — no human interaction required.

Popular menu items include the Smokehouse Salad with toasted red quinoa, barbeque portabella, tomato, cucumber, corn, barbeque ranch and crispy onion strings; The Mediterranean with quinoa herb salad and arugula topped with tomato, cucumber and dill yogurt sauce (US$6.95).

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