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TORONTO — It’s a challenge to come up with unique, profitable ideas for your sandwich menu. That’s why Unilever Food Solutions is constantly updating with articles that provide both practical knowledge and inspiration for restaurateurs.

At, we pride ourselves on delivering original editorial content. Besides keeping you up-to-date on industry trends, all of the information on the site has been developed especially for Sandwich Pro users. Many articles also include related video demonstrations, recipes and real-life examples to give you a more comprehensive look at the sandwich world and help you implement some of these ideas in your own operation.

Here’s a taste of some of the useful information you’ll find:

  • Tasty Trends: From the classic staples that never go out of style to new sandwich trends that you may not have even heard of, read about how you can invigorate your sandwich menu and keep your guests excited.
  • Wholesome Ideas: Calorie counts, sodium levels and whole grains, oh my!  Health is one of the biggest concerns for foodservice operations today – let help you cater to your health-minded diners.
  • Around the World: Take your menu on a world tour!  Sandwiches often have regional or national identities, and can help you sort out Kansas City BBQ from the Korean style, and a Cuban from a hoagie.
  • Almighty Burger: Burgers will never go out of style.  Our sandwich experts analyze every part of crafting the perfect burger and offer suggestions on how to liven up your patties.
  • Building the Biz: Running a restaurant involves more than cooking, as you well know.  Pick up some tips on menu language, portability, marketing and much more.

When it comes to keeping your sandwich menu fresh and exciting, knowledge is power – and profit. For more information on the latest sandwich and burger trends, news and recipes, visit

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