Gilles Louvet Launches “O” Pinot Noir


Nourished by the winegrower’s passion for the land and the terroir. It is this little extra feeling, the hard labour amongst the vines and the ability to listen to the needs of nature that results in the unique character of Gilles Louvet wines. The Pinot Noir has been planted in a well draining, clay, gravel and sand area, with a very good available water reserve.

Gilles Louvet “O” Features

  • the label paper is recycled
  • the cork used to seal the bottle was grown according to FSC sustainable practices
  • the bottle respects the new LCBO lightweight bottling policy. It is only 388g against the 42og recommended

Leading the way in French Organic Wines

Located in the Languedoc region in the south of France, Vignobles Gilles Louvet is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly wines that are both rich in quality and healthy in their production. All wines are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique) in France. The 0 by Gilles Louvet is also certified NOP, the American rule for organic products. Since its creation in 1993, Vignobles Gilles Louvet has become a prominent force in the organic wine world.

Gilles Louvet’s passion for a healthier method of farming does not just extend to his own two vineyards, but to the other organic winegrowers in the area. Vignobles Gilles Louvet is currently developing a 3,700 acre organic conversion plan designed to impart its wisdom and passion to winegrowers attempting to transition to organic farming methods. He also partnered for a few years with the WVVF (World Wildlife Fund), choosing to fight locally for the defense of Mediterranean cork oak forests. As a result, he now exclusively uses FSC certified corks for all his wines.


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