Givex Corp. Partners with Marketing Vitals to Offer Restaurant Industry Leading Analytics


TORONTO Givex Corp. has signed a data-sharing agreement with Marketing Vitals that will allow mutual clients the opportunity to benefit from Marketing Vitals’ machine-learning data analytics software.

Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, Marketing Vitals has been in business since 2014 providing guest behaviour intelligence for hundreds of restaurant brands. Givex is a Toronto-headquartered provider of customer engagement solutions that delivers powerful insights that help retail, hospitality and restaurant merchants make informed business decisions. Its people and technology support a diverse range of merchants through its 12 global offices.

“Our integration with Marketing Vitals allows us to provide a seamless connection with their technology. Our clients can use the fact-based data they are sitting on today to make smarter strategic decisions across every department,” says Mo Chaar, Chief Commercial Officer of Givex. “The SaaS platform at Marketing Vitals appears years ahead of anything we have ever seen when it comes to helping a client understand the brand truths that are hiding within the details of the transactions. Their ability to tie transaction to payment data to understand frequency and all purchase attributes of every guest builds an undeniable story of what is truly happening within each location. Generating operating solutions (down to each guest) gives a brand the knowledge to make fact-based solutions. Bringing cutting-edge technology to our clients is always in the best interest of all involved.”

“Offering our software to more brands in Canada has been a goal once COVID subsided. As a by-product of bringing on one of the largest restaurant conglomerates in Canada, we were introduced to Givex as their POS and gift card provider — they have been great to work with,” says Ward Olgreen, Chief Operating Officer of Marketing Vitals. “Like Givex, we are cloud-based and can offer our technology to clients in any country. Combining the details of transactional history with our ability to turn that into predictive brand intelligence will help mutual clients learn from their own data how to tackle current challenges and use those learnings toward the betterment of the brand.”

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