GM-Salmon Critics Call on P.E.I. Premier


P.E.I. — After months of controversy surrounding AquaBounty’s genetically-modified AquAdvantage salmon that’s pending U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, a P.E.I. coalition reports that they’re working to get the province’s premier more involved in the debate.

According to a recent CBC News article, the coalition, which includes the Council of Canadians, P.E.I. Health Coalition, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and Earth Action PEI., met with Premier Robert Ghiz and Environment Minister Richard Brown to discuss opposition to the transgenic fish, which are being hatched in a facility in the province’s Bay Fortune area.

“People all over the world are very concerned that Prince Edward Island will become the sole producer of the first genetically engineered animals, if in fact the United States does license it for the dinner plate,” said Leo Broderick, the vice-chair of the Council of Canadians, as reported by P.E.I.’s Guardian newspaper. “It’s a black eye for the province. We do not need this distinction or designation as the home of the Frankensalmon.”

Broderick told the CBC the premier agreed to play a more active role in encouraging Environment Canada to be more transparent. However, Ghiz said that the outcome of the debate is largely out of his hands. “As we know, they’re down in the U.S. looking to the FDA (for approval), I have no control over the FDA, they are also looking to Health Canada, I have no control over Health Canada,” Ghiz told The Guardian. “But I committed today to ask Health Canada some questions with regard to where they are in the approval process.”

Photo courtesy of AquaBounty Technologies

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