GM Salmon Debate Continues


CHARLOTTETOWN — As the debate regarding the potential approval of genetically modified salmon by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues, the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance contends that the fish in question should be labelled as a GMO, CBC News reports.

The FDA has declared the P.E.I-reared genetically modified fish, produced by the U.S.-based company Aqua Bounty, safe for consumption, and the Alliance is worried Canadian sales will be hurt if its approved and not labelled. Unfortunately, the FDA has already established that genetically modified food doesn’t need to be marked.  

And, if the decision is left up to Aqua Bounty, labelling the new fish is unlikely. “Many people would see this as a warning,” Aqua Bounty president and CEO Ronald Stotish is quoted as saying by CBC. “It’s an interesting intellectual discussion, because if it’s the same, why distinguish it?”

For the complete CBC story, click here.


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