Goat Theft on Rise in B.C.


CHILLIWACK, B.C. — A farmer in Chilliwack, B.C., recently had seven goats stolen, news that is becoming more and more common, the RCMP reports.

According to a CBC News story, seven does were taken from a property in the block of Ballam Road. The stolen animals were all pregnant and worth between $500 and $800.

The good news is six of the seven animals have been recovered from a farm in Langley, B.C. The bad news is the RCMP has noticed a rise in goat theft and attributes the troubling trend to recently released information about goat meat being low in cholesterol, The Vancouver Sun reports.

“Many of these goats have been medicated, and contaminated meat entering the market is now a big concern,” Tracy Wolbeck, a RCMP constable, told the Sun. “These are not just animals, they are a business to people and their businesses have suffered in a significant way.”


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