Good News for P.E.I. Lobstermen


P.E.I. — Canada’s lobster fisherman may have hope yet.

After a tough year caused by the economic downtown, some were heartened by the response at the Boston Seafood Show, which attracted a reported 16,000 companies last week. “The good news is that the bad news isn’t bad after all,” Mike McGeoghegan, P.E.I Fisherman’s Association president, told Charlottetown’s Guardian newspaper. “Last year the show barely had attendance, this year the Expo Centre was packed and you could barely move and everyone wants our lobster.”

According to The Guardian, some fisherman suspect Maritime price manipulation may be at play as they’re learning that lobster demand in the U.S. is up 100 per cent. “Everybody is crying out for lobster around the world, and yet we’re being told on the local scene that demand is down and the exchange rate is killing us,” Charlie McGeoghegan told The Guardian.

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