Google Canada Survey Uncovers Top Food and Drink Searches in Canada


TORONTO — Google Canada released Canadians’ top food and drink trends for the first six months of 2016, as well as stats on our reliance on smartphones when it comes time to eat.

According to the survey, 55 per cent of Canadians use their mobile devices to help determine where to eat, while 37 per cent use them to decide what to eat.

The survey also showed approximately 50 per cent of Canadians watch food and drink videos for culinary inspiration, recipe ideas and tutorials.

Searches for sourdough have more than doubled throughout the past year, making it Canada’s top trending food. Marshmallow-related dessert ideas are spiking with a 62 per cent increase and maple syrup searches increased by 42 per cent.

Exotic fruit inquiries increased by a wide margin, as well. Pomelo was up 45 per cent, Jackfruit increased by 40 per cent and Dragon Fruit yielded a 36 per cent search increase.

Canada’s top trending alcoholic drink search was the Moscow Mule, while guava juice was the most searched non-alcoholic drink. [Global News]

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