Google Launches “Local” with Zagat Integration


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google has announced the launch of Google+ Local, which will feature Zagat-based reviews for restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers.

“From the new “Local” tab on the left-hand side of Google+, you can search for specific places or browse for ones that fit your mood. If you click on a restaurant, or a museum (or whatever), you’ll be taken to a local Google+ page that includes photos, Zagat scores and summaries, reviews from people you know and other useful information like address and opening hours,” reads the official Google blog.

The new Google feature is based on Zagat’s 30-point system, which takes food, decor, service and cost into account.

Critics comment that the service is similar to Yelp, however Zagat defends the new integration saying most review sites copied Zagat’s system years before. In addition, Zagat reviews are edited, while others are mostly user-generated.

Google acquired Zagat — the restaurant review company that rates eateries, hotels and retailers — last fall. Zagat continues to publish a print edition, but online content that was previously limited to paying members will now be free.

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