Gordon Food Service Launches Re.Source Sustainable Packaging


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Gordon Food Service has launched a range of sustainable food packaging called Re.Source, with products starting to roll out this month and throughout 2022.

The Re.Source packaging uses bold colours, icons and clear instructions to ensure users can properly dispose of the products through recycling, composting or re-use. Its mission is to share operators’ sustainability practices while educating and simplifying the consumer experience. The offering also features a waste bin and decal system that helps further guide customers.

“We’re thrilled to launch a proprietary family of products that are both sustainable and smart, particularly at such a critical time,” says Rich Wolowski, CEO of Gordon Food Service. “Since the pandemic’s start, to-go orders have sharply increased across North America, with single-use plastic and styrofoam containers filling landfills at an accelerating rate. We’re excited to offer our customers a smart solution to a critical problem and an important step toward a more sustainable future in foodservice.”

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