Got Canadian Milk?

Glass of milk

BERLIN – The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) campaign ‘Building Milk Volume Five Seconds at a Time’ has won this year’s International Milk Promotions (IMP) trophy at the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit in Berlin.  The campaign, developed by DFC’s marketing team in cooperation with Due North Communications, M2 Universal and Head Gear Animation, earned the Yves Boutonnat Trophy.

The campaign features innovative five-second ‘sDOT Spots’s designed to grab teenagers’s attention. A total of 129 spots were created, including cinema-specific, online and mobile phone-specific spots, using random scenarios to communicate one milk benefit.

“Teenagers, one of the largest groups of milk consumers, understand the many benefits of milk, but our challenge was that they were not drawn to milk from a brand perspective.” said Ian MacDonald, director of Marketing and Nutrition with DFC. “The five second DOT ads have been a fabulous success both in terms of driving milk sales and in changing teens’s perceptions and increasing their interest in drinking milk,” he added.

What’s next? According to a press release, the spots have now been developed into the first ever 3D ads and could be seen throughout Ontario and the Maritimes at Cineplex theatres in the near future.

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