Government to Promote Canada with Food Truck in Mexico


OTTAWA — A gourmet food truck showcasing Canadian cuisine is on a three-week tour of Mexico City neighbourhoods.

The food truck, helmed by celebrity Mexican chef Jorge Valencia, will offer an appetizer, main dish, dessert and drink.

“The special Canadian menu has a tasty array of Canadian agricultural products. It starts with a choice of either poutine a la Mexicana or a hardy lentil salad. The poutine features crisp Canadian french fries with melted Oaxaqueño cheese from Mexico — a fusion of two classic ingredients from two countries into one dish,” reads a statement on Agriculture’s Canada website. The truck will also offer grilled Albacore tuna with maple glaze, tourtière stuffed with Canadian beef and pork, an apple crumble with Canadian apples and oats and Canadian cold tea.

The food truck is a pilot project designed by the Canadian government to gain recognition for Canadian food and agriculture products. If deemed successful, the food truck may be featured in an upcoming gastronomy festival in Mexico City in May.

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