GP Pro Launches Dixie Ultra SmartStock Napkin System


ATLANTA — During the recently held National Restaurant Association Show 2018, GP Pro showcased its Dixie Ultra SmartStock Automated Napkin System — an advanced dispensing system designed to elevate the guest experience and reduce operational costs through portion control and logistics efficiency for limited-service restaurants (LSR).

GP Pro research indicates 82 per cent of LSR employees believe waste is an issue and the same number have concerns about keeping items, surfaces and floors clean and germ-free to prevent food contamination. The Dixie portfolio of solutions helps to alleviate operator anxieties across foodservice facilities by targeting waste reduction and improving hygiene at major touchpoints in the patron experience.

The Dixie Ultra SmartStock Automated Napkin Dispenser dispenses an operator-selected, pre-set number of napkins per patron or order size. The solution drives potentially significant benefits to foodservice-facility owners, operators, maintainers and guests.

“Waste and contamination are chief concerns among foodservice-facility owners and operators, as both have profound front- and back-of-the-house impact on everything from customer safety and experience to operational performance and stakeholder return,” says Alec Frisch, vice-president and general manager of Foodservice with GP PRO. “By listening to our partners, we improve, and even invent, Dixie products and solutions that streamline operations, enhance their image and ultimately empower them to stand out and compete for business.”

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