Greek Yogurt Restaurant Opens in Toronto


TORONTO — Grk Ygrt has opened its doors in Toronto’s Kensington Market in Toronto, serving all-natural fresh and frozen yogurt, reports Blog TO.

Fresh or frozen yogurt — or a chia seed vegan pudding base — can be paired with 10 different toppings to create menu favourites such as Strawberry Shortcake with strawberry-rhubarb preserve, honey and condensed milk cookie crumble; Bananas with fresh banana, almond butter and dark chocolate; or PB+J with peanut butter, honey and fruit preserves ($6 small or $8 large).

Other menu items include overnight oats soaked in almond milk with coconut, chia seeds, seasonal fruit and slow-roasted nuts; Mighty Leaf tea ($2.50); and Alternative Ground coffee ($1.75). []


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