Green & Black’s Unveils New Packaging

Photo Courtesy: Green & Black’s

TORONTO — Green & Black’s, a U.K.-based chocolate company, has released new packaging designs ahead of the 2019 holiday season.

Launched in 1991, the brand is known for its emphasis on organic ingredients, which the new design highlights by incorporating a ‘quality seal’.

“Although the packaging brings change to this iconic look of Green & Black’s collection, Canadians can expect to enjoy the same delicious recipe that they know and love. What better time than during the holiday season to enjoy a little extra sweetness,” says Stefania Galvis Villegas, category development manager American Exports, Green & Black’s.

Green & Black’s offers a range of flavours, including classic Milk Chocolate, Burnt Toffee Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut and Currant Dark Chocolate. Its products will cost approximately $4.69 and are available at a wide variety of stores, including health and organic-food shops, independent grocers and major retailers such as Whole Foods, Metro, Sobey’s, Bulk Barn and Loblaws.

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