Groupon Blamed for Problems at U.K. Bakery


BERKSHIRE, U.K. — Need a Cake bakery in Berkshire, U.K., needed serious help after posting a Groupon deal offering a 75-per-cent discount on a dozen cupcakes, reports the Telegraph.

Rachel Brown, the owner of the bakery, underestimated the popularity of the deal and her business was unable to cope with the surge in cupcake orders. “We had thousands and thousands [of orders] pouring in. We had to cut it off at 8,500 orders,” Brown was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. Brown lost almost $5 on each batch sold.

Groupon has responded to the debacle. “We approach each business with a tailored, individual approach based on the prior history of similar deals,” Heather Dickinson, a spokeswoman for the couponing site was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

Brown eventually posted a note on the company website informing potential customers that the deal was no longer available.

For more on the story, visit The Telegraph.

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