Growing a Business with RATIONAL


Chop Steakhouse and Bar has been on a six-year journey with RATIONAL, says executive chef, Stephen Clark.

One of the things he loves is that the technology can be used for any purpose and deliver consistent results with just a few pushes of the buttons. “People are fallible. Machines are not. We know anyone can hit the button on an iCombi and put out a perfect crème brûlée time after time so the humans can work on the other stuff instead of checking ovens. Because of that we see a notable lift in productivity.”

Typically, a Chop location will have one in the prep hall and three on the line, each of which serves a specific purpose, he explains. “Our old convection ovens, our salamanders and steam kettles are all but gone.”

The real strength of the iCombi is line execution, he adds. “The line is where the rubber this the road for us. That’s where the bulk of the fire power is when it comes to RATIONAL.”

Having looked at current technologies, RATIONAL has always been the leader in the space for Clark. “The productivity, the consistency, and the functionality – in my mind others just don’t stack up.”

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