Habitant History


MONTREAL – A new exhibit at the Château Ramezay Museum is educating guests on Quebec’s rich culinary history.

“Steak, corn, potatoes… While digging into a traditional shepherd’s pie, have you ever noticed that these three ingredients recall the different cultures, which forged the first eating habits in Quebec?,” reads a announcement from the museum.

The exhibit, titled ‘sLet’s Eat,’s runs from November 10 to September 6, 2010 and, according to the release, “explores different facets of the culinary culture in Quebec, from the arrival of the first colonists, to the modern days. Not only will this exhibit reveal what was served in 17th-century plate-bowls or 19th-century china saucers, but it will also show food preservation methods, meal preparation, the impact of agricultural techniques on food, dining etiquette and customs, foodstuff importations, as well as the more recent contributions of newcomers to the Quebecois culinary repertoire.”

More than one hundred artifacts will showcase the evolution of consumption habits, from the cider press and the toothpick case, to the ginger beer bottle and the chocolate maker.

Photo courtesy of Château Ramezay Museum

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