Halifax Operators Prepare to Bar Rowdy Patrons


HALIFAX — Bar and restaurant owners in Halifax are teaming up to cut down on rowdy drunken behaviour by barring misbehaving patrons from their establishments.

Starting in November, downtown Halifax bar operators will bar disorderly patrons from their establishment, subsequently leading to the person in question being banned from other bars in the area for six months to a year.

“If you’sre barred from the [Economy] Shoe Shop and you’sre barred from the Argyle Bar and Grill, well, you know what, you’sre not going to be allowed into Durty Nelly’s or any other similar establishment,” Joe McGuiness, owner of Durty Nelly’s is quoted as saying by CBC News.

Restaurant owners attribute the problem to younger drinkers, especially college and university students who are on their own for the first time.

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