Happy Planet Introduces Two New Globally Inspired Soups


VANCOUVER, BC This week, Happy Planet, a company renowned for its fresh juices and strong ties to Vancouver, is rolling out two new fresh soups that draw inspiration from kitchens around the world.

Happy Planet’s packaging has a fresh, contemporary look and feel, just in time for the roll-out of the company’s two new soup recipes: Mediterranean Minestrone and Somerset Garden Pea.

“Creating a fresh and happy experience was top-of-mind for us when developing our new look,” said Happy Planet founder Randal Ius. “We apply the same philosophy when developing new products, like our new soups. We see the value in garnering inspiration from around the globe – it’s evident in the English peas and fragrant mint in our new Somerset Garden Pea, as well as the hearty vegetables and white beans in our Mediterranean Minestrone.”

As the brand leader for fresh soups in Western Canada, Happy Planet is expanding the fresh soups category by rolling out these new recipes nationwide. With growing demand in the Canadian market for fresh, healthy soups, Happy Planet is effectively shaping this market just as they did with fresh juice. Ius explains that the new soups will contribute to the company’s mission of making food and juice that makes you feel good, by offering the world’s favourite flavours here in Canada, ultimately making for a happy planet.

Happy Planet’s Mediterranean Minestrone and Somerset Garden Pea are now available in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores nationwide. Other fresh soups offered by Happy Planet include: Tuscan Tomato, Moroccan Chickpea, Indian Split Pea, Thai Coconut, Louisiana Corn Chowder and Berkeley Butternut Squash. All Happy Planet soups contain natural ingredients and are gluten free.

Two boys with big dreams:  Gregor Robertson’s family farm outside of Vancouver grew lovely organic carrots. In 1984 along with his friend Randal Ius and a big blender they started making natural juices and smoothies to give city people a taste of the country. They called their business Happy Planet.  Today Happy Planet is Canada’s leading all natural food and juice company. They still make juices and smoothies. They make delicious natural and organic soups too. They’ve not made all the planet happy yet, but it’s a good start.

For more information, visit https://happyplanetsoups.com/soups

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