Harper Supports Wheat Board Bill


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently weighed in on the ongoing Wheat Board bill controversy, stating the government has the right to change the law and intends to proceed with the bill that will dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) monopoly.

The Federal court in Winnipeg has ruled that the government violated the Canadian Wheat Board Act by not seeking a plebiscite with farmers before introducing legislation to end the CWB monopoly.

“Nothing in the ruling contradicts the government’s fundamental right to change the law,” Harper said in the House of Commons, as quoted by The Vancouver Sun.

Experts contend that the government would not be able to act on the bill if the legislation is before the Courts of Appeal. Opposition is considering an injunction request against the government.

Meanwhile, the final vote on bill C-18 will take place in the Senate Dec. 15. Following the royal assent, the bill would have to be implemented.

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