Harvesting the Afterglow


VANCOUVER — The Canadian Tourism Commission’s famous mantra ‘harvest the afterglow’ was meant to remind the travel industry of the positive lasting impact the 2010 Olympic Games would have on the province and country.

And, now, the Vancouver-based Daniel Hospitality Group has also decided to get into the mix, as it recently won the bid for the Vancouver Park Board’s newest restaurant located in what was Athlete’s Village. Appropriately, the group’s newest resto will be named Village Kitchen and is slated to open in early 2012.

“Village Kitchen is a fresh, new concept for Vancouver waterfront dining,” says Daniel Frankel, president & CEO of the Daniel Hospitality Group. “Not only is the physical location breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s also built to meet all green LEED standards, designed to ensure as small an impact on our surrounding environment.”

The menu at Village Kitchen, ideally located in the heart of the Olympic Village development, will feature locally sourced, freshly prepared comfort food. “I envision this to be a local hub; a gathering place for residents to feel comfortable and have fun — to be like one of the family,” says Frankel.

Decor in the new space — some 6,000 square feet over two floors — will include artwork by famous Canadian contemporaries and up-and-coming local artists.


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