Harvey’s to Add 200 Locations in Canada


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Harvey’s Canada has plans to grow its footprint across Canada over the next several years with the addition of 200 stores, which would bring its total to 500. Although the brand is not represented in B.C., it plans to eventually grow into that market as well. In the past two years, the company opened roughly 10 new locations.

“We are looking to get to our long-term goals of around 500 units which we think is a good target for us and achieve that in the next five to 10 years, and we’re very focused on it.” David Colebrook, president of Harvey’s told Retail Insider. “[We’re] constantly looking at sites, looking at partnerships and we’re open to different formats and different sizes. It doesn’t have to be just a one-size box with a drive-thru. We’re open to inline opportunities as well as gas station additions and other options like universities and colleges, many different types of formats in order to grow.”

In addition to customization, quality and burgers, Colebrook said “the other key pillar of growth has been making a difference in our community.”

By the end of the year, Harvey’s will have planted 84,000 trees in Canada to reduce its carbon footprint. Other initiatives include introducing recyclable packaging, sourcing primarily Canadian ingredients and raising money for food banks, youth hockey and the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association. The Harvey’s RV has also been driving across Canada during the pandemic to support frontline workers.

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