Haskapa Earns SIAL Innovation Recognition


BLOCKHOUSE, N.S. — A small berry producer from Nova Scotia made big waves this spring at the SIAL Show, where it was named one of the top 10 finalists for the 2015 SIAL Innovation awards (other winners can be found here). Haskapa, a brand representing the Haskap superberry, was recognized for its recipe and sleek packaging at the Toronto-based show.

“The Haskap is an incredibly versatile berry with a flavour profile somewhere between a blackcurrant, blackberry and blueberry and physically similar in texture to a slightly soft blueberry. It can be used in any application that any other berries can be used in with the added bonus that the deep crimson colour of the Haskap infuses everything it touches. Chefs have created cheesecakes, coulis, cocktails and canapés from the Haskap,” explains Liam Tayler, commercial director for Haskapa, which is produced by LaHave Forests in Blockhouse, N.S.

The Haskapa line includes jams, maple syrup, chutney, juice and dried berries. Its primary production is still limited, so Haskapa products are only available in independent retailers, such as McEwan and Nature’s Emporium across Atlantic Canada as well as Sobey’s. The team is looking forward to expanding its distribution into Ontario by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

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