Health Canada Approves Saccharin Sweeteners in Canada


ATLANTA, Ga. — Regulators have now approved saccharin for distribution in Canadian stores and restaurants. Despite its ubiquitous presence in restaurants throughout the U.S., saccharin remained a restricted food additive in Canada until this week, when Health Canada revealed it has lifted the restriction on saccharin following a round of scientific studies which produced no safety concerns.

“This development comes as welcome news for consumers hoping to reduce their sugar intake,” says Robert Rankin, president of the Calorie Control Council. “Health Canada’s proposal aligns with regulations around the world and further supports the notion that low-calorie sweeteners are safe and can be used as part of a healthier lifestyle.”

The use of saccharin, calcium saccharin, potassium saccharin and sodium saccharin as an ingredient in foods and beverages was first approved in Canada two years ago but remained off-limits when packaged solely as a sweetener. Saccharin is currently approved as an artificial sweeter in more than 100 countries and viewed by the World Health Organization as a safe ingredient.

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